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"And in one of the most original takes on an old story this reader has read, Nikita Deshpande’s The Girl Who Haunted Death retells the story of Savitri. Yes, the one whose only popular identity is that of a devoted wife. But Deshpande’s protagonist isn’t that Savitri, as we find out..."

Gautham Shenoy, Factor Daily

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Magical Women

Magic of Fourteen

The New Indian Express, July 2019

Reimagining Hinduism with an anthology written entirely by Indian women

The National, July 2019

Two South Asian SFF Collections of Angry Goddesses, Witch Parties & Reborn Poets

The Book Satchel, July 2019

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Wandering into new worlds

The Hindu, June 2019

Know The Writers Behind India’s First Feminist Fantasy Anthology

She The People, June 2019

Pulling their own strings: India’s first all-female feminist SF anthology is a celebration of feminine strength

Factor Daily, May 2019

The firepower of feminist fantasies is on full view in this anthology featuring ‘magical women’

Scroll, May 2019

Chudails, Damsels, & Goddesses, A Feminist Fantasy Of Familiar Women, Owning Their Power

Womens Web, May 2019


It Must've Been Something He Wrote

Four romance novelists and a poet share what it takes to be a romance writer

The Free Press Journal, Feb 2021

Peeping Behind The Curtain

The Hindu Business Line, April 2018

Two authors, romance novels, and over-the-top gestures

Economic Times Panache, June 2017

Draw when you can’t write, says author Nikita Deshpande

She The People, Feb 2017

Caught In A No Woman's Land

The New Indian Express, Nov 2016

From film sets to book readings, author Nikita Deshpande wrote herself a book

Hindustan Times, Oct 2016

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