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Journaling Workshops


Journaling 101

Duration: 2 hours, 30 min | Price: 700 INR

Want to start a journaling practice but don't know where to begin? Journaling 101 is designed to remove judgement and jump-start the child inside you. We work at opening conversations with yourself, identifying and addressing self-talk and cultivating a private safe space. This workshop is conducted on Zoom and is available only for live attendance.

Dream Doorways / Kalpanik Khidkiyaan

Duration: 1 hour | Price: 500 INR

The second wave of the pandemic has been anxiety-inducing for many of us in India. This one-hour workshop aims at using the imagination to help soothe and constructively divert from the stress of the moment. This workshop is available in English and Hindi, please check here for dates. 

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